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D-Liminite Orange Oil:

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  • Eliminite was quite simply awesome!

    John Kelly
  • “Great experience!!!!!!!… Happy to have chosen a non-chemical treatment.  No odor, no tenting, service was extraordinary… No I’m not a friend or a cousin writing this review, just a customer that took the time to write this in appreciation of the service I received.”

    N P, La Jolla, CA
  • “I think this business is about as solid as they come.  While doing a remodel at our home in Cardiff, one of our workers came down and uttered the words you never want to hear as a homeowner:  “Señor, insectos, insectos”.  My Spanish is good enough to know that we likely had termites in our master bathroom that was being redone. I am a delegator, so I asked my wife to find us a termite company quickly so our workers could resume their job. She got in touch with Barry, the owner, at Eliminite, who was very helpful and knowledgeable, but sadly they were booked for several days. Thankfully, my wife explained our predicament and Barry came out personally to inspect our house. He was prompt, professional, and extremely accommodating. Our house was treated the same day and our project got right back on track with only a marginal pause. Barry is one of the few contractors that I trust and would recommend to my friends and family.” 

    Brad Worley, Cardiff By The Sea, CA
  • My business partner recommended Eliminite and I am so very glad that she did. John was professional, patient, and extremely experienced. He was kind and did not make me feel foolish for asking questions. I felt completely at ease with John and must admit that I even enjoyed the inspection, treatment, and sign off process and felt as if I was being taken care of in the most professional way possible. They are fast, fair, and really care…call them, you will be happy that you did.

    Donna, San Diego, CA
  • “We’ve had them treat 3 of our houses for termites, and we’ve been very happy with them. The first time we used their services, we found it would have cost us more going with others that would have been tenting, and they all offered the same warranty. No-brainer for us, as we much prefer the more eco-friendly, safer approach. Everyone was able to stay home during the process, including the dogs.”  

    Paula, Vista, CA
  • Good afternoon Barry, I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for an outstanding job last week. As you are well aware, termites invading a home is not a fun situation, especially with a swarm inside the home. You and your team impressed me so much. You were very helpful to educate me about termites, signs of infestation and the methods to control the current situation.  Your team was very thorough during the inspection process. I found you and your team to be extremely professional, courteous and helpful.  During the treatment, I was again pleased with the professionalism, manner of care and exceptional service. I pulled out many items out of my closet to help your team with room during treatment.  I was impressed that not only did your team not leave one sign that they were in my home by cleaning up anything used during treatment, they actually put all my belongings back in my closet. I was impressed how clean your team was and the care they gave to my belongings, covering every inch of clothing, shoes, etc. that would be in the area of treatment. I have and will continue to recommend your company to neighbors, friends, etc.  I had a contractor out to the home today and gave him your company details, expressing your service and knowledge, asking him to refer his clients and/or himself should he ever need inspection/treatment.  Thank you again for handling this difficult situation in such a professional manner, making the process fast and with ease.”

    Windy Kvandal, Cardiff, CA
  • Why would anyone put a tent over their house and use those chemicals anymore? Barry and the guys are the next generation. Great job!

    Kevin B.
  • Over 20 years I have had many different termite treatments to my multiple homes. I dreaded the day when I saw evidence of termites in our latest home. Not wanting to go through the hassle of traditional fumigation, I called Eliminite. The process from the initial phone call to killing all of the termites was very refreshing. The Orange Oil smells good and does the job. I will use and refer ONLY Eliminite from this point forward. Great job!

    Chris Carmichael
  • “The guys did a thorough inspection on our home, gave us a fair bid and completed the termite work using Orange Oil, without a single issue. We did not have to move out or do a single thing for that matter and have had zero issues since the treatment. Highly recommend!”

    Kelly Albone – San Diego, CA
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