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Eliminite Termite Services, Inc. is your leading expert in alternative termite control.  We specialize in an environmentally conscious approach to all of your termite control needs with a primary focus on Orange Oil methods.  We challenge the "Status Quo" of the industry and are proof that with time and experience, comes innovation.   We specialize in in Orange Oil treatments combined with other leading edge "green" chemicals including Boracare and Timbor, other industry leaders.  This combination has more than 10 years of proven success in the industry.

Eliminite Termite Services, Inc. is not your "typical" termite exterminating company. We are a family owned and operated company and will remain that way.  We focus on our customers as well as our employees.  We believe in hiring, training only the best and treating them as such.  Our employees opinions matter; because of this we believe our customers benefit as well due to the "ownership" our employees take in each project.  We are continually on the leading edge of treatments with our customers satisfaction and safety on the forefront of our minds.

Our employees are experts in Orange Oil termite treatments and considered "specialist" in the industry.   

If your searching for another option - you have landed at the right place.  We believe we have the most innovative, least intrusive, environmentally conscious approach in the world.  If your looking for a company to just come out to your home, throw a big heavy tent all over your house, make you move out for a few days and pump a large amount of lethal chemicals into your home, then we are not that company.  If your looking for something better, you are here! 

Our process and commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched in the industry.  Eliminite Termite Services, Inc. is not only the present but the future in termite control.  As a homeowner, rest assured you have chosen the company that Real Estate, Escrow, Property Management and HOA professionals across Southern California call first and only.

We look forward to serving you now and in the future.  At Eliminite Termite Services, Inc., we believe each customer deserves 100% of our attention.  We will care for your home as if it was our own.  We believe in relationships and have built our career on that belief.

Very respectfully,

Barry B. O'Gorman
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